"Third Generation Experience"


For some reason, the cleaning business has followed our family.  Many knew Tony Basel Sr. as the "Janitor/ Maintenance Man" at Jackson Heights High School north of Holton Kansas.  His son Dale Basel served as President of a janitorial company in Topeka Kansas for 35 years from where he retired.  Since my wife and I settled back in this area in 1998 I followed in the footsteps of previous generations.  I was happy to offer this trade to the businesses here in and around Holton back in 1998.

 Over time I could see the need for professional carpet cleaning in the area, so in 2003 I began to offer carpet cleaning services involving the steam process. First, to our commercial customers, and then on into the residential market.  Along the way tile and grout cleaning came along.  Through the years Steam Power invested in testing and drying equipment for flood problems that seemed to come our way.

More recently we began to offer Air Duct Cleaning services to our customers utilizing a unique combination of compressed air, air whips, and our Truck Vacuum Systems. In visiting with so many of you we also noticed an interest in good quality vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning equipment. Thus, we thought we’d share what has worked for us for so many years by offering sales, parts and service for Tornado Commercial Vacuums and Floor Equipment.

Our goal has always been to do the best job possible no matter what form of service we are doing.   We are not associated with any franchise company.   We love to form long term relationships with customers who enjoy great service year after year.  Our goal is not to be the biggest,  just to be the best!   That's what service is all about, regardless of the "generation".

Billboard at 246th and US Hwy 75

Billboard at 246th and US Hwy 75

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Tim Basel, Topeka Operations

Tony and Donna Basel, Owners

Riah, Mascot